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Notary Public Services
Notary Public bonded and member of the Notary Association 

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 There is a $15.00 fee per each of your signatures (each notarial act, jurat, acknowledgment, normally requires one signature)

For your convenience we accept    
Cash, Debit, and Credit Cards

For other services, see our Price List

For appointments call:

Office: (951)443-1111 or (951)657-1689

Direct: (909) 725-2935  

All documents must be previously prepared prior appointment 

We do not provide Mobile Notary Public Services

Questions and Answers

What is a mobile Notary Public?

A mobile Notary Public is a Notary Public that travels to client’s residence and/or business.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a public witness servant commissioned by the Secretary of State to perform notarial acts for legal documents. The Notary Public verifies the identity of the signer, and that they are signing knowingly and willingly.

This process helps deter the fraudulent execution of documents.

What does a Notary Public notarize? 

A Notary Public notarizes any previously prepared document in which the originator of the document needs to ensure the integrity identity of the signer.

How does a Notary Public verify the identity of the signer?

A Notary Public will ask a signer for an identification document such as a Driver’s License or government-issued passport or Identification Card that includes a photograph, signature, and additional information describing the person. The identification document must not be expired.  

Can a Notary Public prepare or assist in the preparation of any documents?

A notary public can only acknowledge the signing of the documents, but can not assist or prepare any documents.

Can a Notary Public refuse a notarization?

A Notary Public may refuse to perform a notarization if he or she cannot be certain of a prospective signer’s identity, willingness, or understanding of what is happening at that moment. In addition, a notary may not notarize a document in which he or she has a financial interest.

Can a Notary Public certify a document?

On documents such as Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates, the requestor should visit the local agency that has records of these documents, such as a local county recorders office. There are some limited instances when a notary may certify a copy, but it is best to check with the notary of your state.

Can a Notary Public apostille a document?

Authentication or apostille of a notary public official signatures on documents can be used outside the United States. Apostille can only be done by California Secretary of State.

1500 11th Street, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653–3595

Los Angeles Regional Office

300 South Spring Street, Room 12513
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 897-3062

Can a Notary Public prepare and /or notarize immigration documents? 

Only an attorney may prepare all immigration related documents.

A Notary Public may notarize any immigration document previously prepared by an attorney such an Affidavit of Support and other related documents that require notarization.  

News and Notices

A  Signer may be required to imprint right hand thumb on the Notary Public journal entry book.

Personal knowledge of the signer is no longer acceptable. The signer must have a valid identification regardless of relationship to the Notary Public in order to establish satisfactory evidence that the signer is the person he/she represents to be.

We are not legal attorneys, we only notarize previously prepared documents and we cannot give you any legal advice regarding the document you are notarizing.