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1. Social Security Card and or Birth Certificates for yourself and your dependents  (Only if you are a new client).

2. Last year’s tax return copies (Only if you are a new client).

3. W2 and 1099 Misc. form(s) if any. 4. 1099G form (If collected unemployment).

5.  Statements from sales of stock shares or dividends.

6.  Bank statements reporting interest earned from savings or checking accounts.

7. Rental income from rental properties and rental activity expenses such as mortgage, property     taxes, maintenance, Fire insurance etc.

8.  Escrow final settlement statements reflecting purchase or sale of real estate including vacant land or timeshares. (If any).

9.  Student loan interest paid statements.

10.  Business income if any from self-employed activity and business expenses separated by category for the whole year such as Rent, Advertising, Utilities, Maintenance, etc.

11. Gambling winnings from casinos, horse races, etc.


 $________Some individual employee expenses may be deductible on the State return. However, most individual employee expenses are no longer deductible on Federal return.   

$________ Gambling Losses are deductible to a limited maximum amount equal to the gambling winning amount. 


$________ Insurance Premiums   $________ Prescription Drugs   $________ Doctor Visits

$________ Hospital Visits    $________ Dentists Visits        $________ Prescription Glasses

$________ Hearing Aids     $________ Hearing aid batteries     $________ Medical miles traveled 


$________ Gifts by Cash or Check    $________ Church     $________ United Way

$________ Cancer Society       $________ Goodwill    $________ Veterans

$________ Salvation Army       $________ Miles traveled as volunteer   $________ other non-cash


$________ Real Estate property     $________ Personal Property  $________ Taxes paid to State



$________ Home Mortgage    $________ Other mortgage interest paid to private party.    

 Name of private party to whom you pay: ____________________Address: ____________________


CHILD CARE CREDIT: Name, address, and social security number or employer number of child care provider._______

RENT CREDIT: Name, address, and phone number of Landlord_____________________

EDUCATIONAL CREDIT: Registration and tuition expenses for any college education that applied to you or your dependents and tuition statement form 1098T 

If you don't have 1098T form. you may download from your college student portal.