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Withholdings and Payments

Make sure you don't forget to include all your withholdings that were taken from your:

1.-W2 forms from wages, from your employers (these withholdings are usual on box 2 of the form)

2.-W2-G from lotto or gambling winnings from casinos or other gambling

3.-1099-A or 1099-C forms from sale of your home

4.-1099-MISC forms from self employed income or miscellaneous income

5.-Include all payments you made from Extensions, Estimated Payments, or other payments you made that the I.R.S. or franchise tax board withheld and did not give you a form. a good example of this is;

6.-593 form from the Escrow company that closed the transaction on the sale of your home and they withheld money to prepay capital gain taxes.