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Income Tax Filing

  Ace Tax and Realty is an approved IRS electronic filing provider

The following links were added as a convenience to you in order to search information provided by third parties. This information is intended as general information only and shall not be constructed as legal advice nor legal representation.  Users shall satisfy themselves as to the information and content provided by software makers and other web pages and links provided herein.

See additional links to help you with informational guidelines, publications, and instructions to file your income taxes. If you are not ready to e-file, please see the tools listed below to guide you and familiarize you with your personal income tax situation first. If you don't need assistance, you may start e-filing by clicking the e-file icon.

Internal Revenue Service

  IRS - How to File

Where's my refund? Get Refund Status

Most Common Forms:

Most Common Instructions:

California Franchise Tax Board  

 State of California Franchise Tax Board - Ways to File 

Where's my refund? Check Your Refund Status

Franchise Tax Board Forms:

You may use calculators provided herein to estimate your income tax return and to calculate your refund, taxes, credits, and taxes owed. These income tax estimates are free to you and are not to be used as legal advice or representation of any form. The electronic filing page link we have provided herein to file your income tax return electronically is a trusted page powered by a reliable third party and they are responsible for the accuracy and timely processing of the information you submit on your self-prepared income tax return. Ace Tax and Realty is an income tax preparer and Drake is a third party electronic filing provider that has its own independent EFIN NO. which they use to transmit your income tax return to the IRS.     

Ace Tax and Realty is responsible only for taxes personally prepared by Ace Tax and Realty. Drake is the third party provider and they are responsible for the technical support and the electronic transmission of your income tax return. The income tax refund time is an approximate time based on past history and the turn around time is not guaranteed.  Ace tax and Realty offers income tax information and income tax tools as a convenience to you in order to facilitate your electronic income tax filing only. You are responsible for the information you enter on the electronic filing pages and Drake is responsible to transmit the income tax return to the IRS if you choose to electronically file your income tax return with the IRS.  If you choose to send your income tax return by mail, you may print the income tax return, sign it and mail it. 

* Please note that while there is no charge to calculate and view your return, there is a small fee to transmit your Income Tax return electronically.


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